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Saisizhixiu 赛丝之秀 - Hair Mask

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SSZX Hair Mask (KMS New Generation 2)
~ 500ml per bottle
~ 2-4 times usage per week

1. Moisturizing your hair
2. Prevent fly-away hair
3. Prevent dryness as well as dandruff
4. Provide the components needed to rebuild the hair structure
5. Smoothen the hair surface and by doing so they provide healthy silky shine
6. To seal the split hair ends
7. Provide moisture for the scalp

The difference between Moisture and Hydration moisturizers are considered to be substances that actively impair the evaporation of water.
Therefore, moisturizing the hair often involves the use of emollients like butters and oils  to lock water content into the hair.

Does this mean moisturizing is actually hydrating, and sealing is actually moisturizing?
Somewhat. Agents that hydrate the hair are solely responsible for the uptake of water into the hair (things like panthenol, amino acids,vege keratin, certain vitamins, and water) or the attachment of water to the hair from the environment (glycerin, honey, other humectants).
Moisturizers can (and often do) include hydrating ingredients and humectants, but they also include emollients (butters and oils) that do not penetrate, and are able to perform the function we refer to as “sealing” the hair.
That's right,we've been looking at moisture all wrong.

SaiSiZhiXiu Hair Mask Don't let a boring hair to mark you down ! Try us.

Usage Instructions: Wash hair with a towel to not drip, and then send the film evenly wipe the hair, pulled from the hair root to the tail until the hair supple, massage for one minute (damaged hair need three minutes). Conducive to absorption of hair, then rinse with warm water, and finally to a hair styling.

Before We start to sell our products we will check all the ingredients and make sure it will be safe for all our customers

This hair care product is infused with keratin,amino acid and other proteins that penetrate deep into the hair's cortex to fortify, protect and promote hair growth.
-Silicone-free Hair Mask to detangle and de-frizz, for smooth silky hair. Rebuilds and strengthens the hair shaft,prevents breakage and repairs damaged hair

resulting in soft , vibrant and manageable hair 



产品功效:无硅油配方。富含与头发蛋白质最接近的氨基酸成分。可渗透至发干内部修复 强化

让发丝重获韧性 创造如丝般的柔顺与光泽。护理更持久,长效修复。

使用方法:将头发洗净用毛巾擦至不滴水。然后将发膜均匀抹在头发上。从发根拉至发尾 直到发


即可。 成分:水 水解植物蛋白 鲸蜡硬脂醇,鲸蜡硬脂基三甲基氯化铵,硬脂酸,羟乙基纤维

素,泛醇,DMDM乙内酰脲,生育粉(维生素E)角蛋白氨基酸类【补水神器】 我们的香型,我




操作方法:把头发先用洗发水洗干净擦不滴水,然后把 [ 补水神器 ] 修护发膜直接均匀涂抹在发






可渗透至发干内部修复、强化、让发丝重获韧性 ,创造如丝般的柔顺与光泽。
从发根拉至发尾 直到发质柔顺。按摩一分钟(受损发质需三分钟)。
水  水解植物蛋白 鲸蜡硬脂醇,鲸蜡硬脂基三甲基氯化铵,硬脂酸,