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Buy 3 Boxes of Eye Goggles = FREE 1 Eye Spray Worth RM68

RM 69.00 RM 137.00

Buy 3 Boxes of Eye Goggles = FREE 1 Eye Spray Worth RM68

1 box = (5 pieces) of MARYSHARON LAVENDER STEAM GOGGLES ( Disposable) 

Use: Before sleep, while nap, travelling, relax, after long use of computer and handphone, after a long journey of driving or travelling, after long period of studying or working .

Direction for use :

1. Recommend to use MarySharon Queen Eye Essence before the steam eye mask, massage until completely absorbed.
2. Open the package and use it immediately.
3. Hang the elastic band on the ears.
4. Close your eyes when using, relax for 10-15 minutes until there is no heat sensation, then remove it.
5. After using the eye mask , recommend to use the MarySharon Queen Eye Essence again to enhance the effect!


Contains natural ingredients to relieve symptoms of dry eyes, dark circle, eye bag and fine line.

It works by locking in moisture to relieve dry eyes.

Provides soothing and lubricating effect to dry eyes associated with contact lens wear, computer use, central heating, air conditioning or when travelling.

美丽誓颜 : 薰衣草蒸汽眼罩 ( 买3盒 ,(1盒=5片)= 送玻尿酸眼部舒缓喷雾 (1 瓶)

使用方法 :

  1. 建议先使用美丽誓颜女王重现睡眠眼精华涂抹于眼周,按摩至完全吸收。
  2. 撕开包装,取出后眼罩便开始发热,随之产生蒸汽,撕开包装后请即刻使用。
  3. 请将中间的松紧带挂在耳朵上。
  4. 使用时请闭上双眼,放松精神,热度坚持10-15分钟左右,直至无热感,即可取下眼罩。
  5. 用完眼罩后,建议再次使用美丽誓颜女王重现睡眠眼精华再次涂抹使用,效果更佳。

玻尿酸眼部舒缓喷雾 (1 瓶)



  1. 当喷雾用:使用前摇一摇,请紧闭双眼,距离20cm处直接喷于眼周即可,避免喷入眼睛里面。
  2. 当舒缓水用:取适量本品,涂抹于眼周按摩至完全吸收即可。
  3. 当眼膜用:取适量本品,浸湿眼膜纸,然后敷10-15分钟后揭去,再将剩余精华按摩至吸收即可。