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Marysharon Eye Care Deal 3 in 1

RM 149.00 RM 240.00


Buy Radiance Eye Essence

= FREE Eye Soothing Spray (75ml)  Worth RM68 !! [SAVE RM 68] + Lavender Steam Goggle ( 2pcs.)

Limited Time Only While Stock Last!

Deal Includes: 

  1. Radiance Eye Essence (20ml)
  2. Eye Soothing Spray (75ml)
  3. Lavender Steam Goggle (2 psc.)

1. Radiance Eye Essence : 

  • Revitalise, hydrates & smoothens the delicate skin around eye area.
  • It calms the under eye puffiness, lines & winkles, diminishes the apprearance of under eye darkeness.
  • Signs of stress are replaced by instant luminosity.
  • Apply small amounts of product and spread it evenly surrounding the eye area. Massage gently until it totally absorbs. Use for morning & night.

2. Eye Soothing Spray :

  • Relieve eye stress, eye fatigue, enhance the eye elasticity.
  • Spray on close eyes after applying eye essence & before putting on the Lavender Steam Goggles to relax the eye.
  • Spray on close eyes when you feel tired after a long day at work or to relief eye stress & tiredness.

3. Lavender Steam Goggles :

  • Using thin soft material , closely fit on eye and cover eyes comfortably .
  • Can release about 40 ℃ moist steam , continuous steam for 10-15 minutes , moist and warm your eyes, adequate relief dry eyes, soreness, eye fatigue, and give you a relaxing experience.
  • Easy and convenient to carry, particularly suitable for working long hours , learning or in front of computer, let your eyes enjoy the steam- bath , liberated from tension and emotional exhaustion .
  • Recommended to use Marysharon Queen Eye Essence before the steam eye mask.
  • Open the package and use it immediately
  • Hang the elastic band on ears
  • Clsoe your eyes when using, relax for 10-15 minutes until there is no heat sensation, then remove it.
  • After using the eye mask, recommend to use the Marysharon Queen Eye Essence again to enhance the effect.